McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd.

celebrating OVER thirty (30) years in business

McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd. has been in the construction business since 1985.

Our Company prides itself on our ability to handle a diverse portfolio of projects. 

These include, but are not limited to:  

  • pipeline construction
  • pipeline replacement
  • pipeline anomaly repairs
  • coal tar removal,  sandblasting and recoating. 
  • pipeline testing and drying
  • directional drilling
  • tank liner remediation
  • civil works (storm, sanitary, water, gas, telephone and hydro)
  • mains and services 
  • road construction, sub-division works and access roads
  • bridge construction/remediation
  • pedestrian trails/walking trails
  • station fabrication and station demolition
  • hydro tower excavations and upgrades
  • hydro tower cathodic protection
  • aerial crossings
  • in-stream waterworks
  • right of way (ROW) maintenance projects

McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd. prides itself on being a reliable service provider to all of our many clients, some of which include BC Hydro, FortisBC Energy Inc, Kinder Morgan Canada, Imperial Oil, Chevron Canada, the City of Abbotsford and various other cities and municipalities throughout the Province as well as the Ministry of Environment/ParksBC, University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), Metro Vancouver (GVRD) and the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD). 

We excel at developing the type of relationships with our clients that allow us to complete their work in the most efficient, safe and timely manner.

One of our main strengths is our ability to not only construct, but also manage all projects to a successful completion.