Landscaping & Maintenance Work  

 McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd. has worked on various landscaping projects including the "Brownstones on the Park" a 32 unit townhome complex in Abbotsford.   At the Brownstones, we constructed retaining walls, fences, walkways and planted shrubs (which were supplied by Candy Cane Nursery  - see Business Affiliations).    McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd.  does contract work for the City of Abbotsford  which includes tractor mowing, brush cutting and weed eating at City owned parks and boulevards ie:  Exhibition Park, Whatcom Park, MSA Arena and Clayburn Village to name a few.  We have also been clearing BC Hydro and FortisBC (formerly Terasen Gas) right of ways for the past 20 years.    We use tractors c/w mowers for grassy areas and a tracked small excavator c/w a rotary mower for small trees and blackberries.   In hard to get at places or where it is marshy, we have sets of swamp pads that fit the small excavator and also the larger excavators to enable us to easily access these types of areas.   We also use utility men with power saws, power weed eaters and chippers.   We have also been engaged to demolish and remove buildings, swimming pools, sheds, hedges etc...that have been placed on the right of ways.