McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd.

celebrating OVER thirty (30) years in business

McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd.’s safety policies are steeped in the stringent requirements of working around pipelines through the training by the owners over the past thirty (30) years - Safety is our number one priority.

The management of McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd. supports a corporate policy that protects the health and safety of all employees, protects the environment, and protects the property of both McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd. and the property of others.

Our key personnel are empowered by this to act as safety officers and each employee is dedicated to the maintenance and provision of a safe and healthy working environment.  The Company's safety policy assists in controlling unnecessary production costs, conserves skilled manpower, protects machinery, equipment and materials from damage and prevents the wastage of time and effort.

Our supervisors and foremen are well trained in all aspects of safety and our operators have extensive experience working around pipelines for the past thirty (30) years and the majority of labourers have been doing similar work for at least five (5) to twelve (12) years.

All employees of McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd.  have received certification for the following:

  • Ground Disturbance.
  • Confined Space Awareness, Entry and Standby Certification
  • H2S Awareness and/or H2S Awareness
  • WHMIS 2015
  • Level I First Aid and/or Level II First Aid

McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd. encourages all employees to upgrade their training and continually provides training sessions for them.   Many of McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd.’s employees have received the following certification:

  •   Imperial Oil CFO Safety Orientation for Contractors
  •   Chevron Canada Safety Orientation
  •   Kinder Morgan (KM)  Safety Orientation & Manual Review
  •   Trans Mountain (TM) Safety Orientation & Manual Review
  •   Trans Mountain (TM) TMEP Level 2 Enviornmental Education & Compliance
  •   Golder Loss Prevention System
  •   BC Hydro Training - PSSP Training
  •   BC Hydro Life Saving Rules 
  •   BC Hydro PCB Awareness for Susbstatino Contractors
  •   BC Hydro Spill Prevent & Response
  •   Pyrmaid Corporation  
  •   Gold Shovel   
  •   Asbestos Awareness
  •   Accident investigation  
  •   Clock Spring Installer Training
  •   Fire Fighting – S100 Basic Fire Suppression & Safety
  •   Fall Protection Certification
  •   Grinder Training  
  •   PE Fusion recertification
  •   Nace Corrosion Certification
  •   Canusa (CPS) – Pipe coating
  •   Specialty Polymer Coating (SPC) Seminar
  •   Telehandler Operator Certification
  •   Traffic Control – instructed by Road Smart
  •   Hazardous Pipe Coating Removal training   
  •   FTG Safety Training
  •   Respiratory Fit Testing
  •   Rigging & Slinging 
  •   Excavation Safety – United Rentals
  •   Transportation of Dangerous Good
  •   Safety Audits
  •   Lockout procedures

McDonald & Ross Const. Ltd. has been an approved contractor for ISNetworld (hereinafter referred to as “ISN”) since 2008.    ISN is the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors from capital-intensive industries.      ISN collects self-reported conformance information from contractors, verifies its accuracy, and then reports the results in an easy-to-follow format.  This allows corporations to select those resources that best meet internal and government requirements, while providing contractors and suppliers the opportunity to centralize their conformance information, saving time and gaining presence in the marketplace.

Gold Shovel Standard

McDonald & Ross received its “Gold Shovel Standard” certification in 2016   Gold Shovel Standard is a performance monitoring program focused on excavation safety.

Gold Shovel Standard philosophy:

A Company that is Gold Shovel Standard Certified has policies and procedures, which, if followed, make it unlikely that the company will cause an at fault damage to buried infrastructure.  The program confirms the adequacy of the participant’s policies and procedures and produces a rating, known as an EICO score, which is a measure of how carefully a company excavates around buried infrastructure. 

 McDonald & Ross has extensive experience in working on environmental projects and has never been cited for any infractions, nor has our company ever been written up for any infraction by WorkSafeBC.